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when I log in to my premium account it tells me that I am my wife's name. On her computer it tells her she is herself but when she clicks the account tab it accesses my info and CREDIT CARD....AND LOST MY PLAYLISTS....HELP.

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I also filled out a help request and got an email saying it would be three days and they were looking into it... and in the meantime someone else besides me has my personal info and access to my credit card....WTF man. Some one do something about this.


Well, seems like someone is working on this although I have recieved no feedback. My wife can no longer veiw my account info, some tech dude is definitly working on this. I've also figured out that I have a secondary account that was accidentally created though a facebook log in. Tried to follow directions to delete this secondary account but it wont give me the option to. ALSO ALL MY STARRED MUSIC I SPENT ALOT OF TIME BUILDING IS GONE NOW. I am a PREMIUM USER.


I've just sent you an email. Hopefully it should all be sorted. Let me know how you get on.

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