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Saying goodbye to Spotify

Saying goodbye to Spotify

Just writing to say that because of Spotify's insistent integration with Facebook, I am permanently saying goodbye to Spotify.  I had to delete my FB account, and wasn't able to transfer my playlists, etc., to a new FB account.  I didn't think to deactivate my Spotify billing, and when I tried to do that, guess what, I couldn't log into Spotify because the FB account was deleted.  I received a message form customer service, but how am I supposed to read/respond to the message if I can't log into Spotify as I no longer have a FB account.  And BTW, the request I sent to Spotify customer service was to state that my FB account was deleted!  The generic, automated response to my request was the last straw for me.  I reactivated the FB account so that I can remove my billing information and write this post.  Once this is posted all will then again be deleted and deactivated.  Thank you Spotify for a very frustrating and unenjoyable experience.

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When you get an automated answer, you have to reply directly to it again to get personal help.

After that the Spotify team will help you to transfer your playlists and other stuff to an account without facebook.

If that is true then Spotify shoud not send it as a "noreply".

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