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Servers too often offline and so few allowed devices

Servers too often offline and so few allowed devices

Hi guys,


Little message to tell you how I'm not really happy about spotify by now.

I have a premium account, which worked fine until now.


But by now the spotify servers get slower and slower.

This is not cool, but OK, I can understand you're probably victim of your success.

Obvious solution is to get playlists offline, but guess what: there's a limit of 3 devices.

Seriously, what the hell ?


I have a laptop for my work.

I have my personal laptop




Ok, that makes four. Now what ? Can't you just find another way to ensure we're not cheating you, rather than enforcing an arbitrary limit of 3 devices ?


I'm not glad about paying 10$ a month for a service that doesn't work fine, restricts me too much and does not even have groups like Beatles or Pink Floyd. Are you going to do something about this, or will you just lose your customers ?

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Hey 🙂


The 3 devices (3,333 tracks per device) offline limit is enforced due to the licensing agreements that Spotify has with the music companies. The restrictions are outlined here. 

If your computers are always connected to the internet, then there is no need to sync playlists for offline usage. There is no restriction on how many devices you can sign in and use Spotify on, only a 3 device limit for syncing offline content. 



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Hi Spotify!

I agree - very slow service - many interruptions with error messages like 101 or 4xx

(it wasn't used to - let me say a month ago)

I'm a premium user .. 9.99 is too much for this poor service!

I will quit soon without improvement!




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