Spotify Unlimited gone


Spotify Unlimited gone

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For about 2 weeks ago my Spotify Unlimited just disappeared. It happend when my friend wanted to login to his account. The wierd thing is that all my playlists are gone and it says i got Spotify Free but have a current subscription every month. On my account it says that it has drawn money from my account today (05/03/2012).

I tried to log out and then in, but it still the same problem. Hope you got a solution! :)

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Re: Spotify Unlimited gone

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey NFredriksson,


When you logged back in were you sure to use your "tranquilizer" username and not your email address? 


What's happened here is you've made a duplicate account through your Facebook. You've probably signed into this duplicate which is why you can't see your Unlimited subscription or playlists.


Please have a look at this other thread for steps on sorting this out.