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When I skip, the song doesn't play

When I skip, the song doesn't play

So I like to play songs from my tablet over Bluetooth to my stereo. But everytime I skip a song the next song appears to play through, but there's no sound. I randomly click somewhere on the bar that shows how much if the song is playing and the song works. Sometimes when listening to music to sleep, random songs play through in silence until the next song ticks over, then I can hear the music. What do I do for this? I've tried logging out if all my devices and back in, but no change.

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Hello there!
I had the same issue. Try erasing all cache from the app (or even reinstall), and maybe that will fix the problem. It worked for me.
Let us know if it works!

I reinstalled it on a new phone and it does the same thing for me too.  

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