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hi - trying to log in on my desk top player, however after changing password and logging out from everywhere else, it wont allow me to log back in on desktop, it will however allow me to listen via the web player.. and through facebook.. but again.. it wont allow me to log in using my facebook on desktop, or my username and password combo... when i try to sign in - it doesnt even tell me if it was the wrong password or username it just freezes.. and doesnt let me select anything else...please help- super frustrated ! thanks

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Hey @crinbyrd, welcome to the Spotify Community! 


Could you give it a try with a different internet connection and check if the same thing happens. Also, could you send us some pictures of the errors you've been seeing when trying to log in?


We'll be waiting for your reply!

I canceled my wife subscription and took out the one off annual payment fro my self at £99. I cant log on as its is still hold all my wifes details.Can you help please.


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