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A week on the road with Spotify - aggrevation :(

A week on the road with Spotify - aggrevation :(

Oh Spotify, why do you hate your customers so much?


Before I left on my trip, I made sure I synced all the playlists I loved, for offline playback. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom, so both devices that Spotify claims are unsupported, since their developers are stuck in 2009. 


Day 1: Got on the plane, app crashed, all offline playlists are gone. At my hotel, I resynced them

Day 2: On plane, offline playlists are there, but can't play more than 3 songs at a time

Day 3: On plane, offline playlists gone again. This time, I didn't fall for it, and connected to inflight Wi-Fi to sync some songs. 

Day 4: On plane again, offline playlists are there, but now the app crashes after just one song plays

Day 5, 6,7: Playing music off RDIO, which doesn't suck, has a tablet version and lets me listen to music instead of jet engines. 


Thanks Spotify for making the decision so easy!


It has become obvious that your Android app is dead - no developer in the market ignore their app this badly. It isn't like little things don't work - your app hasn't been updated in four months, and "does not support" anything beyond the oldest devices. 

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Kudos to you for actually trying and trying to get support like all of us here. I too am cancelling my subs today for Rdio. See ya on the other side!

I synced my playlist for driving cross country and it only synced one list after saying it had done all of them.  Currently at a hotel on the way back.  Made sure to sync the playlists last night so I would have music in the "dead" areas....Every time I tried to open the app it crashed my phone and I had to do a battery pull to get the phone to reboot.  I'm driving 11 hours tomorrow with only 3 CD's now.  How is this worth it?  My iPod is dead and the cord is somewhere in the piles of boxes in my car.  So much for my music!  Thanks----I'm over Spotify after this week!

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