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BUG: Spotify cannot remember last song without a data connection nor in offline mode

BUG: Spotify cannot remember last song without a data connection nor in offline mode



Before the last update, whenever I entered my car, it remembered the last song. But since the last update, it won't remember the playlist position so it won't be resumed when I don't have signal (as in my garage). It also happens when Spotify is in offline mode.


One way to help Spotify remembering the last song is keeping it in the recent apps option. But I don't want Spotify draining my battery. There is no need for that. I think that the playlist info should be stored locally.


I've already followed the instructions at:


Steps followed to reproduce the problem:


1 After being reproducing a playlist, set Spotify to offline mode (or disconnect the device from the Internet or go to a place where there is no signal).

2 Close Spotify and remove it from the recent app list.

3 Connect the device to the car using bluetooth. 

4 Set the car to start receiving streaming from the device.

5 It won't start playing the last song.


I have a Nexus 4 with Android 5.0.1 Lollipop (not rooted). 4.27 GB of space left (there is no SD card). 


I've didn't install an older version.


Spotify version is and I have the premium account.


My provider is R-cable (Vodafone signal) in Spain.


I have a non-Facebook login (demeus1985).



Thanks and regards,



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Yes, this is so frustrating. The benefit of bluetooth shrinks if every time I get in the car I have to get out my phone and manually select and start a playlist. 


I don't get why spotify thinks the horrible quality of the android app is sufficient. Wow, you made the app compatible with android auto, which is good for the 2 people that actually have it, I guess. But in the process you broke a feature that actually was of use to a lot of people (ever heard of regression testing?). Don't get me started on the missing bluetooth metadata stuff. THIS IS NOT HARD! Get your **bleep** together.

I've now tried downgrading to older versions downloading them from


The last verstion in which I don't have this problem is





I've updated the description above

I guess the requirement for the online connection is probably because of of some super-important-social-data-gathering-activity-tracking feature under the hood, but seriously, my first walkman in 1991 could remember the last song I played without connecting to the internet. 

And it did that for each playlist separately (back then playlists were known as 'cassettes').


Very annoying when using spotify as car audio player. 

So, one year later, this bug is still there... Every morning the same problem in the garage 😞

I have the exact same issue when I'm traveling.
In my home country I have an unlimited dataplan so this problems doesn't occur.
But when I put Spotify in offline mode while I'm abroad, it happens every single time when my phone connects to the car's bluetooth.
Filling up the car with petrol, paying at the counter, get back in the car and hooray .. Spotify became retarded again and doesn't have a clue what it played 5 minutes ago.

Same for me here in New Zealand. Data is expensive, I put Spotify into online when I get to my work Wifi. Get greeted with a "You're offline. Please connect to the Internet and try again" every darn morning. I know that. Just take me to my last played offline track!

Very frustrating... My Spotify Android app is always in offline mode unless I'm downloading. I have to go through the Library to find my recently played album and find the song I have stopped at.

Still no solution? I've moved to google play music because of this issue. I'd like to come back when this is solved.

This is not only on Android but on PC aswell, I can't hibernate/shut down my PC without loosing my song queue and last played song in a playlist.

Glad / Depressed that this isn't just me having this issue.  I pause my music when i get on the tube in the morning and read my book.  When it is time to get off i cannot resume my song because i have no data connection.  Only option is to pick the entire playlist and basically start again or wait till i get above ground again at which point my offline music magically returns to me.


Sad times.

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