Device Support Roadmap?

Device Support Roadmap?




I totally understand that Spotify cannot commit to supporting every iteration and version of Android under the sun. Especially when those versions of the OS are used on such varied types of devices.


However, as a Premium customer of a product that supports Android, it would be nice to have some sort of announcement about when Spotify plan on supporting new versions.


I find myself questioning the money I'm paying for the subscription from time to time as it is. Once moment was in the last 6 months when I found out that Coldplay's new album wouldn't be available on Spotify on release. Having a poor and buggy user experience on my mobile device just brings the subscription further into question.


Is there any chance of Spotify providing customers with loose Roadmaps regarding planned support for new devices and OS iterations? I know this sort of move can be risky when deadlines that are publicly available don't get met. However, there must be a happy medium where Spotify could clearly state that the dates are subject to change at any time.





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