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Downloaded music to device count exceeded

Downloaded music to device count exceeded

Im aware this is an issue that many people are having, so instead of highjacking someone elses post, ive made my own. 


Yesterday I started having issues with my downloaded content disappearing. After a cache delete and app re-install, I now get the error that I have exceeded the 3 device limit. My arguement is that I have only EVER downloaded to the one device. Is there a way to reset that count and maybe figure out why the downloaded content seems to be disappearing on everyone as well? 


This does get a touch annoying when you have to redownload thousands of songs. Im pretty sure that the entire point of having premium is so that you CAN have offline content available. Otherwise, we are being forced into actually paying for a product that everyone else gets for free.

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Hey @Gerothin, thanks for posting!


To begin, can I have you check your Offline devices page on your Spotify account page? This will tell you what devices you currently have allowed to download music for offline listening.


If the list has three devices on it already that you recognize, you can easily remove that device by selecting the "Remove" button. If there are any devices that you do not recognize, I would recommend that you remove the devices, change your password, and contact Spotify customer support to ensure that your account is secure.


If less than three devices is showing up on the list, we can continue from there.


Let me know if you would like me to clarify anything further! If you feel like this answer solved your issue, feel free to mark it as a solution.

Thanks for the reply, offline devices were previously cleared prior to this issue. Which is why it made this that much more confusing.

Odd. Do you recieve the same error if you sign into your account an another device and attempt to download your music?

Only other device I'd download on would be pc.... That's at home.... I've never had to dl to pc though as it streams well enough..

I've only ever dl'd to my phone. I'll try it again today here and see what I get.

It's so far allowing me to download thus far today... Will see what happens in the next couple of days as to whether it rejects it or not. Its definitely been acting strange lately.

I will keep y'all advised.

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