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Galaxy S3, won't delete undownloaded playlists.

Galaxy S3, won't delete undownloaded playlists.

What happens is when I download a playlist onto my phone and then 'Un-Download' it, the space taken by the app does not change, meaning the tracks have been cached on my device and are taking up space, so they are not actually deleted. It surprises me how many people have this problem and there is still no fix for it. I would even be OK with some sort of workaround, yet it seems the only workaround is to uninstall and reinstall the app, which is ridiculous to do everytime I update, or Un-Download a playlist.


I know people have said this before, yet no solution has been given by Spotify. SPOTIFY PLEASE FIX THIS IN AN UPDATE OR GIVE US A TOOL OR SOMETHING TO CLEAR OUR CACHE!!!

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Hi there.

Downloaded tracks are kept in cache for while just in case you removed the playlist by accident or decide you want them again. Spotify should automatically delete them after a while.

To clear the cache go into android system settings, under the Apps section, find Spotify and use the Clear options in there.
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