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Google Nest Mini 'Unavailable for listening on'

Google Nest Mini 'Unavailable for listening on'




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For some reason, in spotify, I cannot manually cast my music to my google nest mini. I've reset my device, unlinked and relinked my spotify account and reinstalled spotify. I can cast to my other devices such as my chromecast audio, but spotify refuses to cast to the nest mini when I try to do it manually. If i ask the nest mini to play music, it will indeed cast music from my phone, to the nest mini. It is just the manually control and cannot do. I know its not the nest mini because other apps can cast to it no problem, so it must be a problem with spotify. 


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I'm having exactly the same problem, but chromecasting from my phone to my TV. I have the same 'unavailable for listening on' message in my device list like you do. If I start chromecasting from Spotify browser version on my computer then I can control it on my phone, but I can't launch chromecasting from my phone. Sounds like the same problem. Hope you get some help!

I'm encountering the same issue over the last few days. No issues with using my Nest Mini with any other services, and I've factory reset it too so I'm as sure as can be the Nest Mini isn't at fault here. My Google Home Mini works perfectly just now too. Strangely, my Nest Mini works with Spotify if I cast to the speaker group it is in.


Did you find any resolution to your problem?


Could it be that it has something to do with the different country code that this particular Google Home Mini speaker has?

This is my situation:


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