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How to remove favorite artists?

How to remove favorite artists?

I've had a Spotify account when I was younger. I used to like an artist, but I don't anymore. I want to remove them from favorite artists but it doesn't seem to be possible. Please help.
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Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community.


You can go to your Library > Artists, click on the one you want to remove. It will take you to their page where you can click the three dots menu and select "Stop following". From that same page, you'll be able to see all the songs you've liked from the artist and remove them if needed.


Let me know how it goes. 


I already click on "stop following" and I also don't have any Liked songs from them, and still they appear in my Spotify home as "Your Favorite Artists". It has been like this for months, and I never have played their music again (in fact I don't know why they appear there in the first place since I have played music of other artists a lot more times).

Hi there @Avith_Ortega,


Thanks for the reply. It's not possible to influence the algorithm directly and remove artists from it, but everything that you do does have an influence on it. We recommend you continue to listen to your favourite artists, make sure to follow them and add their music to Liked Songs and playlists. The latter has a significant influence on recommendations. This will help the algorithm adjust and better understand your preferences.


Hope this clears things up.

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But what if you don't want to stop following said artist and simply want that artist to not appear as a "favorite." Currently, two artists appearing among my top three favorites are ones that I do indeed kind of like but am lukewarm about (seldom listen to, have never owned a record by, etc.). I don't want to stop following them, but there is no reason for Spotify to think that they are favorites of mine except that they are very popular within a "genre" to which I heavily listen. That shouldn't indicate that they would be among my personal favorites or specifically to my taste.

The algorithm is a bit crazy. It's selected 20 'favourite artists' for me. About half are actually favourites, half a bit meh. One, I think I have one song of theirs that appears on one or two playlists, and that's out of maybe a thousand songs across all my playlists. I've listened to that song maybe once in the last few months. Plenty of artists I could think of off the top of my head that I listen to regularly aren't on the list. Is it weighted towards particular artists to promote them? 

Unfortunately the Spotify algorithm isn't very intelligent. My "Favourite Artists" section is full of artists who I listened to a few seconds of one track just once several months ago, none of which I added to a playlist or "Liked". The section doesn't contain any artist that I listen to regularly. Maybe the Favourite Artists section should be renamed to something else, like: Old Search Results You Weren't That Into.

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