New Releases in "Discover",tab no longer showinv


New Releases in "Discover",tab no longer showinv

Hi everyone..I've been a Spotify Premiun listener for over 2 years and am currently listening to Spotify on a LG/Android Smartphone device. As of today I noticed the "new releases" column which would always appear after you first click on the discover tab, is no longer showing. Usually it would be about 15 new albums updated once a week (on same screen as top reccomendations for listening)...and I kinda grew to like it & rely on it for new music. I did a re-install too & still nothing. Was wondering if anybody else noticed this too..? Wasnt sure if it was just my account or not...also how can I suggest to Spotify to bring this feature back where I might be heard? Any help would be appreciated or feedback!
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Re: New Releases in "Discover",tab no longer showinv


I've also been experiencing this for a few weeks. I'm not sure why either, though I suspect we may be part of an A/B testing bucket. I talked to some other Spotify Premium users I know, and they aren't experiencing this behavior.