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No longer compatible with my device?

No longer compatible with my device?

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Okay, so I bought Spotify Premium, and I was really happy listening to music on my phone (TMobile Prism).  However, I downloaded to many songs on my device and it ate up all the space on my SD card ... I decided to uninstall the app instead of removing all the songs.  I figured I could just reinstall Spotify, but now it's telling me my phone isn't compatible with the app and I can't get it back.


Basically, it looks like Spotify Premium was a waste of money -- do I have to buy a new phone or is there a way I can get the old version of the app?

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Hi. It seems that the release following this notice is incompatible with older/budget devices not running ARM 7. I can't be certain but it's likely your mobile falls into the "no longer compatible" category. There's been a lot of discussion on this in this thread, including staff comment.

Thanks!  So basically ... new device is the only way to remedy this?  How do I know if what I purchase is going to be compatible?

It needs to be running ARM7. There's a table on this site but I'm notsure it has been updated for a while. This is something of a nightmare since the ARM version isn't generally shown in a phone spec 😞  All I can suggest is to maybe wander over to the XDA forums and ask there, if you can't find the information using Google search.


I can't help feeling that Spotify have added a layer of complexity to the "is my phone compatible" question which is going to turn a lot of folk off.

Don't forget, if you have an arm7 device, support for that may be cut off at any time as well in a forced update. This sets a pretty terrifying precedent!


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