Playlist folders appear at the bottom of the list

Playlist folders appear at the bottom of the list



Thanks for the update with playlist folder support. However, since playlist folders cannot be 'downloaded', they appear all of the way at the bottom of the screen after the list of downloaded playlists.


I don't really have a use for separating the downloaded playlists and all playlists, since all of my playlists are set as downloaded.


Could you let us hide the 'downloaded' group of playlists, or alternatively treat folders who's contents include one download playlist as 'downloaded'.


Basically, I don't want to have to scroll all of the way to the bottom to see my folders! 🙂



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Totally agree - I feared this would happen. It's half better I guess, but Spotify remains "the app in which I do a lot of scrolling."

This has to be fixed. I Can't imagine this is how its ment to be? Thanks for developing a neat app, Spotify - but this little irritating problem should be fixed 🙂

Completely agree. Even if I saw the point of having both "downloaded" and "all" playlists I certainly can't imagine why anybody would want them in the same scroll list. Make them separate alternatives in the menu where you find settings etc or just remove "downloaded".


I thought the whole idea of folders was that you wouldn't need to scroll through your entire musical library in one long list...

I thought i'd copy my post from another thread incase it helps.


My temporary solution is that I've created one huge root folder called ALL and dropped every folder into that. Because I download all my playlists everything in that folder is ready to play anyway.


Now I occasionally have to scroll way down to the bottom to get to this folder but generally I just don't ever navigate out of it.

This has an added advantage that I can use the ALL folder to replace the lost 'library' functionality so I can suffle play all.


It's not a fix by far, but I'm no longer angry and wanting to uninstall the app 🙂



Thanks for sharing this idea 🙂 Good one, but I hope Spotify is going to adress this weird setup...

I don't have many downloaded playlists on my phone currently, so it's not a big problem for me at the moment. However, I can see that it will get pretty annoying once I have more downloaded.

One solution would be for Downloaded to be displayed like a playlist folder that we can navigate into like any other other folder to see our downloaded playlists. This would make it at lot easier to find our playlists, while still giving us a way to view all the downloaded playlists (which can be useful when running in offline mode).

This is indeed very annoying.

Since Spotify is REALLY LACKING a feature like Rdio, where you can add albums to a "Music collection" which then gets alphabetically gets sorted under artists names - I have used folders to create something alike.


And now I've dowloaded 100 albums to my phone, I have to scroll through the big ass download list EVERY time I want to hear e.g. Tool. That is SO annoying.


I usually stream but I am going on vacation and need it offline.


Spotify really lacks said feature, and they could do loads to improve the android app sometimes stop too or plays but without music and radio channels don't start sometimes 😕

Totally agree as well. I have to scroll I don't know how many downloaded playlists to access my folders and other playlists. Also when you hit back you have to do it all over again. Still love the service but this is still quite a frustration.

That's odd. I dragged my playlist folders to the top in the desktop client and that is how they appear on my nexus. Have you guys tried this?

I agree this is one major flaw with spotify android app as it makes all the playlist organization pointless in offline mode on android and when connected to the internet you have to scroll through all the download playlist to get to to your playlist folders as organized on the desktop app. Really hope they fix this soon.

There's an excellent idea here which, amazingly, has received almost no support 😞

Does anyone know it this feature has been added already? If not, shame on you SPOTIFY!

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