Random songs aren't available offline on Android and have to be re-downloaded

Random songs aren't available offline on Android and have to be re-downloaded


Hy there,


i'm premium user and use the Spotify-App for android (version on a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE with Cyanogenmod, Android 4.4.4).


Now i've got the following problem for a while:

Sometimes, (from my point of view) random songs from random artists and albums aren't available offline, their green arrow becomes gray and i can't listen to them untill i connect to wlan and let spotify re-download them.

Yesterday, i saved and downloaded a complete album (so i can listen to the music while biking) and a hour later, 3 or 4 of the 12 songs are gray instead of green (the whole ablum was donwloaded, i checked it).

When i connect to wlan, spotify re-downloads about 50-200 songs, every day.




Maybe related to this problem: sometimes, there seems to be a similar problem with some songs; the arrow is green, but when i play the songs, the songs don't start/play and i have to skip them by hand.


I want to go to vacation in about a week, so it would be nice, when my collection is available offline.


Thank you and best regards.

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Hey @kleebl00d


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Spotify Community.


I notice that you have the Cynagen Mod installed on the device. We don't officially support this. To check, does removing this mod help with the issue that you're having?


I'd also suggest checking how many devices show when you login at https://www.spotify.com/account/offline-devices/?


I'd love to take a look at this further.


Hey @Jason


the Cyanogenmod is the OS on my device. I can't simply remove this.


I'm reinstalling the app right now, lets see if this works out.


There are 3 devices (my computer and my mobile device twice due to the reinstallation), this shouldn't be a problem as I see it.


Hey @kleebl00d


We're afraid we don't officially support this version of Android or rooted devices.


Let me know how the reinstall goes. Regarding the Offline Devices, try removing these before the reinstall. This should help out with things.


Keep us posted.

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