Repeat Button Vanishing Act


Repeat Button Vanishing Act







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Where is the darn repeat button?!?!

 I have had Spotify for a year. So I haven't had it forever, but I know that there was a repeat button for playlist. Now its gone. I would be fine with this if the repeat button meant I would have to restart the track. BUT... Apparently it means I cant listen to the actual songs in the playlist. When I first click on a playlist it plays maybe 4 songs actual song on it, then they are spiced in between random songs. Some of them totally unrelated. I actually just tested something out. I played a soundtrack playlist but I remember what extra songs played. The same ones played but they weren't listed in the playlist songs...Soooooo... Is Spotify (1) adding songs without our knowledge. (2) not showing songs added for a playlist being too short. Or (3) playing the same songs for each playlist or genre bbecause they are too lazy to code well? We need answers.


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Re: Repeat Button Vanishing Act

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Spotify Free experience has changed and you can find more about it here.

You will find really helpful information regarding these changes on that FAQ.


Please feel free to ask if you need help 🙂

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