SOLVED: Playlists and Songs will no longer Download to device


SOLVED: Playlists and Songs will no longer Download to device


I have resolved this issue in a most unexpected way....
On my Windows 10 Desktop, attempted to start the Spotify Windows Application and recieved an error that it wasn't resoponding. 

I went to task manager and killed the Spotify Process.
As soon as I did this music suddenly started downloading to my phone. Mind you I was not connected via USB to the computer only to the same WiFi network. That being said, Music would also not download to my phone on a friend's WiFi either. 
This would suggest that the Spottify Desktop Application is in some ways always connected to phone client via the internet, and can cause this issue if it has crashed. 


TL;DR: If you are having this issue, try killing the windows desktop client process.





After updating the Spotify app for Android to The app will no longer download playlist or any individual song.

(Yes I am connected to functioning WiFi, Phone: Verizion Galaxy S5 (SM-G900V) running Android v5.0)

**phone is not rooted, and running stock firmware, 6GB + of storage avaiable on SD card


All I recieve for days is a notification that reads:

0 out of XX (0% complete)"


This has been going on for over two days now. 


Playlist I have marked for download read: "waiting to download


Troubleshooting steps I have taken are:

  1. Delete cache and saved data
  2. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app
  3. Uninstalling the app, deleting all remaining folders from my internal and SD card
  4. Rebooting my phone into recovery mode and clearing the cache partition

None of these methods resulted in feature restoration.


Prior to new vesion, or so it would appear, I never had any issue with this feature. 


Obviously this is pretty annoying as offline playlist are the reason I am subscribed to the service instead of Google Music.


Anyone having this issue or have a solution? Contacting actual spotify support seems non-obvious, as all "support" links take me here.