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Samsung S9 Lockscreen Album art

Samsung S9 Lockscreen Album art

I have an Samsung S9.
I listen a lot to music and I use my phone as music device for the sound system in my car.

Before,on my S6, the album cover and the song title showed on the locked screen. This was a nice touch when I was using phone and Spotify/Soundcloud as music player. But now on my S9,it is gone. Just show the song title and the watch. I know that if I dobbel tap,the album and song title will show,but only for 5 seconds and it goes back to just watch/date and song title. Thoes 5 seconds after dobbel tap,and the cover album and song title shows, is exactly what how I want it to be shown when I drive and use my phone as an music device.

Guess it is something with the "Always on display " and maybe something with what kind of security I use...I don't know. But with this new phone,in my hand almost every time and listen to music, I would guess that you could help me with this issue and make Spotify/SoundCloud and Samsung S9 work perfectly together as an music program and S9 as a music device.


Hope you can help me with this issue:)



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