Shuffle Play plays terrible unrelated music, far too frequently


Shuffle Play plays terrible unrelated music, far too frequently


So I recognize that my playlist is small (7 songs), and for some reason you have singled out phones as the only ones who can't listen to their actual playlists (even though tablets with the exact same OS can) and so I get suggested songs inserted into my playlist, I get that.

What I don't get is that 2/3rds of the music played are the suggested songs, and not my playlist.


What also doesn't make sense is that the suggested songs are ALL "Five Finger Death Punch" songs, even though there is only 1 "Five Finger Death Punch" track on the playlist, and it was not the initial track on the playlist. One of the bands, Shaman's Harvest, even has two tracks on the playlist, but it never has any of its other songs played. Even worse is that all of the suggested songs played do not share very many musical qualities with the songs on the list. I do not like the hoarse shouting type music, and yet that is the only suggested music that is played, despite "Five Finger Death Punch" having several songs with zero or minimal scratchy screaming, including the one that is on the playlist.

If your response to this issue is to either tell me to upgrade to Premium or that you get a better deal from "Five Finger Death Punch"s Label to shove their songs down our throats, I will quit you just like I quit Pandora, furthermore I will tell all my friends to stay away from Spotify.  Even though I, and many of my friends, are free users, you still get revenue from the ads you play, and that will still hurt your business.


Please fix this issue, Suggested songs should both have variety AND be similar to the music on the tracklist (Bands do not necessarily create music that is similar to their other songs, and this should not be the basis for determining suggested songs, especially since I clearly already know of this band, as I have one of their songs on my setlist, ideally some of the suggested songs should be by bands that are not on my playlist and thereby possibly something I haven't heard before) Also at most they should play 50% of the time, ideally only 33% of the time. It is extremely difficult to create a workout list, especially when Spotify insists on injecting songs that I neither enjoy nor have that "amping up" quality.

Yes I could add another 5 songs to make it a "complete" playlist, though I shouldn't have to, and given the verbage on you FAQ page it appears that won't prevent terrible suggested songs from playing either, though it may reduce their occurence. As I see it as unlikely for you to change your stance on playing suggested songs in the first place, the least you can do is improve the software that controls what music is suggested so that it is actually similar to the playlist it is being suggested for. 

And finally, one of your worst offences, logging me out while I was typing this, rerouting me to a login page when I clicked the post button, and then not posting the message after I signed back in. FIX YOUR darn TIMEOUT PROTOCOL!