Spotify and my HTC Evo 4g

Spotify and my HTC Evo 4g


after I did a system reset on my Evo, Spotify has stopped working. The app will open to the log in page, I put my info in, it goes to the spotify screen and says "playlists arent't available in offline mode" then shuts itself down. I'm wondering if there is another app I have that might be interfering with it.

I'm running software update 2.3.5 on an HTC Evo 4G


Help! I just signed up for premium and now I'm out of luck!



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Hey there.

Spotify isn't compatible with 4G at the moment - if you're trying to log into Spotify using that, I'd try bumping down to 3G briefly, or trying to connect via Wi-Fi.

If it still starts playing up, you might need to try a clean installation of the Android device. Although I must warn that any offline playlists you have would need to be resynced. I've included instructions below.

1. Open Spotify in your device
2. Go to "More" » "Settings" and select "Clear saved data"
3. Close Spotify and uninstall it from your device like this: Go to "Settings" » "Application"» "Manage applications".
4. Choose Spotify and press "Uninstall"
5. Restart your device
6. Then install Spotify once again through the Android Market, or by visiting in your device's web browser

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Nope. It still shuts itself down. So you think if I do a complete phone reset, that might help? I really don't want to have to re-install all of my apps. Any other thoughts?

The device may not be supported, but it worked like a champ until your last update (you know, the one way back in November?). Downgrading the software to 4.08 may work (solved a big crashing bug).

Also, are you trying to log in with your email or spotify Id? I know trying to log in with an email used to cause problems.

How can I get version 4.08? Do other markets have downgraded software? Thanks for the input.

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