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Spotify cousing sd-card crash

Spotify cousing sd-card crash

Sportify is cousing my whole micro sd card to crash, the file cousing the carsh is:

Android\data\\files\spotifycache\marcury.db, the file can´t be removed or as soon you click on it the sdcards disconnect. the crash is not just when activaing the marcury.db file, but as soon i conect the card to my phone.


Phone model: Xperia Z3 compact with androind: 6.0.1




6 Replies

Have you tried reinstalling spotify as described here?


This is the first time I've come across this. Is your SD card formatted as internal or portable storage? Why are you so certain about the cause of the problem?

Thank you for youre fast answer, no I have no contact with the sd card from the phone and it can`t be formated. I know it´s the sportify file cousing the problem becouse i tried to remove all the other files, but as soon as i tuch this one the sd crash.

sorry for my english/ Josef


Have you tried reinstalling as I suggested above?

Ok, now i tried to reinstalled it, sense the sd-card is not working the sportify now intall on the phone memory and are working, but the sd-card is still "damaged"

If you can't reformat the card in the phone, you can try formatting it on a PC but it sounds like a new SD card may be the answer.

No, it dident work on the pc ether, i guess i´m lucky it did not happend on my phone memory.

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