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Spotify likes and downloads playlists and albums I didn't like

Spotify likes and downloads playlists and albums I didn't like







Xiaomi Redmi S2 

Operating System

Android 9 


My Question or Issue

Spotify is all the time downloading playlists I don't want to download, these playlists are always radios, I mean, certain songs or artist's radios, like "Led Zeppelin radio" or "Band on the run radio". 

I don't press "follow" nor "download", but the app does it anyway, and if I unfollow and delete the download, they will be followed and start to download again as soon as I go to the home page.

The same thing happens with albums, albums I didn't hit the like button, nor the download button, but it happens in the same way.

I've already changed my password, closed the app, uninstalled and installed again, logged out in all the devices, cleared cached data, I tried everything, and nothing works. I need a solution. 

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The same as this?


Just never hit the Home button in the app and you will be good 😉

Yes, the same.
I think I should laugh, because yours is a joke, isn't it?

EDIT: I see now that you have the same problem and I understand it's a proper joke hahaha. Spotify is a joke with this as well, I hope there is a solution. 

Hi there @marcosfdez109,


Thanks for reaching out! 


First, you can disconnect your devices for offline listening. Then, do a clean reinstall. This will eliminate any cache-related issues. 

Another thing you can do is switch off the Download option for your Liked Songs


This means that whenever you want to download certain songs, you can turn on the Download option for a specific album. Or, you can just make a playlist and save the songs you want from that particular album, then download the playlist. 


If the issue persists after that, give us a screenshot or even better - a screen recording. And lest us know your Spotify version.


Keep us posted!


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