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Spotify start pausing at random times when it's on standby (Samsung Galaxy s8)

Spotify start pausing at random times when it's on standby (Samsung Galaxy s8)

As the title states, Spotify pauses at completely random times when on standby. It doesn't pause immediately when I turn my phone off and sometimes it doesn't pause at all. The moment turn on my phone (I don't even have to unlock it) it immediately starts working again. The issue occurs with songs that are downloaded in advance and with songs that I don't have downloaded, so it can't be the internet that is causing the issue.


When googling the issue I found that sometimes spotify isn't allowed to work in the background at all or it's only not allowed to work in the background when the phone is in powersaving mode. The issue in my case occurs regardless of my phone being in powersave mode or not. I have also made sure that spotify is allowed to work in the background by going to Settings > Apps > Spotify > Battery > Allow the app to work in the background. I have also checked Settings > Device management (My phone is in dutch, this is a translation so maybe this isn't the exact name) >  Spotify and then checked there that again spotify is allowed to work in the background. 


I also checked the settings of the app itself and made sure that nothing prevents spotify from playing continously.


What else can I do at this point to get it to work again? This is a very annoying issue as I now constantly have to turn on my phone if I want to listen to music. This didn't happen a few months ago so I'm not quite sure what caused it.


Thanks in advance for the help.


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Thanks for reaching out. Samsung recently started applying a battery saving feature which doesn't work well with Spotify (I was having the same exact problem on my S10+).
- Go to battery settings
- Battery saving (Dose) option
- and then turn off battery optimization for Spotify. You can also do this by going to Apps > Spotify > Battery Optimization (which is easier).

Please let me know if this helps.


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