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Spotify stops playing after each track.

Spotify stops playing after each track.



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Plan: Free

Country: Australia

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Operating System: Android

Problem: Almost after every track music stops playing, requiring me to unlock phone, tap Spotify app and it then continues to play new track. Very annoying and did not do it on my previous Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Can anybody help?? Thanks!

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Hey @SteveBotha! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's odd.

Could you check if there is another device of you connected to your account that might cause the issues? And does it happen to your new phone exclusively?


Let me know how it goes!


Thanks for reply on my
issue with my Spotify stopping
playing after tracks (varies
from allways to intermittently).
I am the only one using my
account and I have only one
device. Spotify worked
perfectly on my previous
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
mobile phone, but this problem
seems to have started after I
recently upgraded to a new
Samsung Note 9 mobile
phone. Might it be some
setting on the Note 9
causing this? I checked all
possible phone settings, as
well as the Spotify App
settings and did not see any
obvious settings that could
have caused this. Any further
advice what I could check to
further troubleshoot this issue?
Thanks!!! 👍

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