Unpredictable crashes on Gingerbread

Unpredictable crashes on Gingerbread

So I'm running Spotify on my Android (HTC Sensation running stock Gingerbread 2.3.4, not rommed) and it often crashes for no particular reason, sometimes midway through songs sometimes after them..  I find this tends to happen when I'm streaming music rather than listening to my offline playlists.  But I'm often connected to a good strength Wi-Fi network (my university network) and I'm not moving around so it's not like my connection strength is varying over time.  This is really frustrating, having used the iOS app for a year with no problems like this at all. Any idea what's going on? Although it seems that the Android app developers are nowhere to be seen on this forum, so I won't be waiting in earnest for a reply...

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I've had similar problems with my HTC desire running ginger bread. It seems to me that it's when the phone picks up a new email message, I listen mostly to offline files so I just switch off WiFi/Mobile internet. Perhaps if you disable background sync it would have a similar effect.

I know It's not ideal but when I do this I get uniterupted listening. Which is better than spotify crashing every few minutes.

I've tried it without background sync and it did it anyway.  And the majority of my playlists are online, I only have 3 offline for when I'm commuting.  I need wifi on as I'm often studying and checking things on the internet whilst using spotify.  I don't want the app to dominate my phone, that's unrealistic - it should compliment my life, not take it over.  I want a solution to this, not a workaround especially as now the Mac app (what I use on my desktop) is also having problems.  So not on.

I am also fed up with Spotify crashing randomly when streaming music on my galaxy s2. Also when I put the app into offline mode and leave it for a few hours and come back to it it tells me that another user has put the app into offline mode and I have to re-enter my full log in details. The whole purpose of putting the thing off line is so you don't need an internet connection in the first place. Ridiculous.

You don't get any of these problems on the ios app and the android support from devs is non existant.  I won't be continuing with Spotify after my free trial is up. No way

This is rather troubling. How many playlists do you guys have? Sometimes the Android application can run into a bit of a panic and crashes if you have rather a large amount of playlists.
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I never had any Issues with spotify until i moved the app to my ex sd card. I can recreate the crash on specific media. There are dropouts in the media that I wouldn't expect to be on the source. Maybe combo of ogg. android audio engine not playing. Also maybe Sd card buffer May be too short. Def needs development work guys.

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