can't play musicon galaxy tab.

can't play musicon galaxy tab.


hey all,



I have a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 (gt-p7500) running on the origional android 3.2 deleverd by samsung. Also I have a primium account for Spotify. The last 2 or 3 days i can't listen to music. All numbers are grey and when I click on it a message pops up without text. I can only select ok. What can this by??

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Same issue for me. The thing worked only the first samsung boot.


Same here. Works fine on android 2 versions but not on 3.2. Keeps on telling me that I am in offline mode. Adding songs to a playlist results in crashes of the app. Looks like the Spotify app is not working well on android 3.2 (see comments in the Play store). I Hope Spotify guys will come with an update soon



Hello there,

While we don't directly support the 10.1" version of the Galaxy Tab, you might want to try a clean installation of the Spotify app. However, Honeycomb devices tend not to work too well with Spotify at present, so we can't ensure that it will work. A full list of supported devices can be found here.

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Clean install, after uninstall didn't work for me. I will try another time with the link provided.

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