downloaded Playlist won't stay downloaded


downloaded Playlist won't stay downloaded

I have had this app for some years and right now I am ready to do away with it. It is suckling the data off my plan like crazy.
I have downloaded my starred Playlist 5 times for offline use and when I close out the app, not log out, when I open app the next time, half of the songs are not downloaded again to my offline playlist and I have to re-download, or the app makes me log back in again and they are all undownloaded again. Half of the time it now takes 5 mins for a song to play in my playlist. I had over 3000 songs, I've deleted most of all my playlist on hopes it would help with sync music or for it to play in a timely manner, that didn't work either. After over 4 years I think I am ready to go to a new provider, I'm having way to many problems with this new update!

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I'm am having the same problem. But I have an older iPhone 5S, I have Spotify Premium and my downloaded songs are never there when I go off line. Do you have a solution???

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Hi. Do you have enough storage available for your music? Is it a collaborative playlist? Could you turn off the option sync over celullar to save data plan?

I have 17g of space left on device and 150 g SD Memory card in phone with 108 g of space left. I did not have these problems until I got a new phone (same phone as previous) and downloaded app to phone. Sync over cellular is turned off, except for the 2 times I've turned it on to down load the playlist so I could listen at work this week. Since last night I have downloaded the playlist, AGAIN TWICE, the full playlist and again almost all of them are not sync for offline use. And twice today the songs that were sync for offline use have changed. And for a hour today I had the app actively open trying to listen to the few downloaded songs in my playlist and only 2 would play in a whole hour. It's terrible !!

Ok. Maybe there is an app that is reclaiming space storage and it is deleting your data (music files). Some cleaning apps recognize files and delete them because they " try to clean the phone". Are you sure none of those kind of apps are running in your phone?

I do have the clean master app, but I don't think I changed any of the settings on it. I have ran both apps simultaneously for about a year and half... never did that before. I have had Spotify for a while, but for the past year I have also primarily listened to my music in offline mode, I have the max limit downloaded... I don't know if it's the phone or app, but it's hugely frustrating... I am everything music...

You said 3000 songs...uhm and in high quality. It could take more than 17GB from your internal storage. Since you have plenty storage in the SD memory it should save there too..... Is a new memory or an old one? Could a sector of the memory be damaged so spotify couldn't save music files there?

You can try the following if you are willing to check this procedure:

- Go to System Settings
- Go to "Apps"
- Find Spotify there
- On Spotify's page, first, tap "Force Close"
- Then tap "Clear cache" if it's not greyed out.
- Then tap "Unninstall" and remove the app.
- After uninnstalling, power off your device.
- Power back on.
- Using a file manager on your phone or with your USB cable and your computer, go to Internal Storage > Android > Data and delete a folder called
- Reinstall Spotify from Google Play

Clean Master is notorious for clearing the Spotify cache. Check the settings and see if you can add n exception... they are continually updating the app so while it may have bypassed the Spotify cache previously a recent update may have made it target this area.

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I'm am having the same problem. But I have an older iPhone 5S, I have Spotify Premium and my downloaded songs are never there when I go off line. Do you have a solution???


You'll have more luck in the iOS section @AMC89.

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