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Adding songs to multiple playlists


Adding songs to multiple playlists

I had a version of spotify on iphone for one week that allowed me to add songs to multiple playlists at once. There was also a way to see which songs where in which playlists already. There were checkmarks next to the playlists the song was in. It was a wonderful feature and now its gone. Anyone know what happened or if they plan to bring it back? Maybe it was a testing thing spotify was doing. Help

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I have the same question! This feature was fantastic on iOS but it was only there for a week or two and now it’s gone. How do I get it back?

Did the feature ever come back? I had the feature last week for the first time and it disappeared again yesterday. I am really disapointed. 

I have been waiting for a feature where you can add 1 song to multiple playlists in one swoop. I have hundreds of playlists and adding one song to 30 of them takes me 10 minutes almost to scroll through all of them and find which ones. The plus feature instead of the heart saved me so much time. It was only there for a few weeks, though, why did it disappear? That was a terrible tease. I was so happy when it was there, but now it's gone😮💨

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