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[Android][Bug] New library doesn't save view preferences after restart


[Android][Bug] New library doesn't save view preferences after restart

At the top of the Library view, there are 4 preferences: "Playlists" "Artists" "Albums" and "Downloaded".

Whenever I choose one of them, I would like for that preference to stay. However, when I reboot the app by hitting "close all apps" then I reopen the app and my preference is gone! That is not the expected result. 


A not-reproducible effect of this is that if I don't close the app, sometimes Spotify forgets the Library view preference if I don't use it for a while. I would imagine this would be fixed if it saves even when you restart the app. In other words, just not closing the app is not an option.


I have included two screenshots of what it looks like before the app restart and after the app restart.



Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10

Android Version: 11

before restart.jpg
after restart.jpg
2 Replies

Same on iPhone. I would like for the filter to be remembered if I close the app. This is what feels natural and it also allows someone to maintain the previous organization structure if they choose (by combining the playlist filter with the custom order sorting).

Spotify does not care if you are inconvenienced. 

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