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Apparently you still need an internet connection to listen to downloaded content


Apparently you still need an internet connection to listen to downloaded content

Something I've struggled with on a regular basis for far too long is the fact that I download a podcast locally for offline listening - because I won't have internet access where I'm going (wilderness) - BUT when I try to play it I can't because.... I have no internet access!?!? Somebody explain to me why it is you're able to download something for offline listening, but you can't actually listen to it unless you have... internet access? Huh??


It's almost as though this app still requires an internet connection to actually load the interface and find the files and play them even though you downloaded them locally. There's no other way to explain the inability to play downloaded offline files unless it's still looking for internet connection despite the fact you downloaded the file? So why download them when you can't even access them and play them.


This is a typical regular screenshot of Spotify trying to find and play podcasts or music I downloaded for offline listing but yet it can't because "no internet connection" where's the logic?

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PS - this info is NOT accurate. For example, this option doesn't exist in settings so why is it within the Spotify troubleshooting how to details?


Downloads play automatically when you lose internet, but you can use Offline Mode to make sure only your downloads play.


Tap Home Home icon.

Tap Settings Settings icon.

Tap Playback.

Switch Offline on.

HAD this exact same problem and question (repeatedly) until now I can't even open the app because "You're offline", even though I'm NOT offline and ALL other apps and connections are working just fine!

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