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Artist list in CarPlay No Longer has alphabet option


Artist list in CarPlay No Longer has alphabet option

Up until recently when I went to "Artists" in my Spotify Carplay app, on the right there was an option to click on the alphabet to get to a list of letters, that would then take you to artists that start with that letter. For example, "R" for Red Hot Chili Peppers. 


That option is not a thing anymore, so if I want to get to the artist page for the RHCP, it's significantly harder. The list now seems to be sorted by artists I've listened to recently. 


Without this, I am much more likely to pick up my phone and just search for "Red Hot Chili Peppers" since there's no other easy way to get there 9assuming I haven't listened to a particular artist recently. 


Why is this feature gone? And will you please bring it back?

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I have the same complaint. It's pretty ridiculous tbh. Before this change you could only see part of the alphabet (for example A-K instead of A-Z). So, instead of fixing that bug, they apparently chose to get rid of the feature altogether. 

So many artists, so many albums in my library. To find one now means an endless scroll whilst watching the screen for the one I want as a sort order following recently played is no order at all. Who is this useful for? Shame, backwards step.

Not sure why anyone would want the default sort to be most recently played without being warned. Went to play some music in my car and gave up trying to find it because it was sorted by month / year of being played !!! Ridiculous.

Eventually found the way to put the sorting back to alphabetical and can now actually play music in the car again.

This change is ridiculous. I am amazed this is not being highlighted more. It renders the thing unusable. Stupid. 


Very little information about this change too.

It is actually a sort change in the app as a whole and not just Carplay. It can be reverted back in the App itself.

How do you change it back? Help please!

It's a preference in the phone app. You need to set it on the phone then it carries over to Car Play.





Tell me more. Like where to find this setting. I have checked my Spotify app up and down, left and right, and I can't find this setting anywhere. 

Go to album or playlist list on app.  Top of list (the sort order button)). It will probably say “recents” … press…. and change.  Just like any list sort in any most apps.  Hope that helps. 

Gotcha, I've never seen that before, so it must have changed to "recent" on it's own, I just found it and changed it back to Alphabetical. I'll check the Car Play app tomorrow. Thanks!!!


Still doesn’t fix the original issue of them not showing all of the artists you follow. On CarPlay it’ll only show a partial list instead of all artists or albums. So, instead of A-Z it’ll show A-K or something like that. 

Hi there. That’s an old bug, I think you need to update the app on your phone. 

Were you replying to me or the OP?

you, A-Z now works with update

Spotify has updates all the time and it’s never been fixed. Idk, man…

I think you may need to update your phone iOS and so updating your CarPlay. Artists, Albums, Playlists all showing me A-Z or the last letter I have something for, i.e. my Albums go A-W and my Artists go A-V. Hope that helps.

It’s possible you don’t follow as many artists or have as many albums saved as those of us encountering this issue 

Maybe, then time will tell I guess

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