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My Home Screen recently changed and I no longer see such things as Made For, Recently Played, Jump Back In, Top Mixes, Fresh New Music, etc.   All I see now are the last six things I’ve listened to and a short list of selected albums and podcasts.


I chatted with the help desk today and sent a screenshot of my new home page, which in my opinion is now totally useless.  I was told what I see now is a new beta version being tested.  I find it difficult to believe Spotify would make a change like this to my account without 1) notifying me in advance and 2) requesting my input on the changes.   

Has anyone else had this issue and, if so, how did you get the home page reset to the earlier version?   If this is something Spotify developers consider an improvement, I need to cancel my account and evaluate other music streaming services.

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Cannot agree more it absolutely horrible I hate it so much. I’m a tec dinosaur & have never got onto a chat so this demonstrates how annoyed I am with this. I’m on my app  so so so much less because of it . I originally thought it was something I changed & couldn’t reset. I also will close my subscription if I can’t have something close to the old home page back.


This also happened to my account a little over a month ago. It is awful! It makes the app completely unusable—I can’t believe how much less I use Spotify. Impossible to find anything and I end up just closing the app after a minute every time. I don’t understand WHY this change was made and how to get my old account back. I would love for it to go back!! I don’t want to close my account and lose all my playlists but the app is basically useless with this change.

Happened to me last night so I cancelled the payment and moved to Deezer whilst also trialing tidal. This update is an abomination.

That’s a perfect description!

I've just finished a line chat session and basically they said get used to it Lol. Joke of a company.

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