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DJ feature feedback


DJ feature feedback

I sent this over to spotify on twitter as feedback and i am posting it here to see what others think.


"okay i will start by saying i love the idea. i have been using it quite a bit and always get excited to hear what songs are chosen. but there are a few things i would like to point out


for starters, i find myself skipping a lot of the tracks or hitting the reshuffle. I listen to a lot of different genres and sometimes will play a playlist for pop punk or 2010s pop depending on what i am doing. but when i use the DJ, i get a lot of pop punk and normally dont want to listen to it. so i skip it until I go back to the EDM songs that i would like to hear.


the second thing is the feature is quite glitchy. when I listen to the DJ, if i play another song or playlist and go back to the DJ, it will start from the beginning of the DJ instead of picking up where i left off. this is my biggest complaint about the feature by far. I was also listening to the DJ yesterday and ended up going through all of the music so it would only loop back from the beginning instead of continuing to play other songs.


one last thing is mostly for EDM. sometimes the genres that are chosen are not represented well. one example is the first song was from quiet bison, who does future bass, and then it started playing kayzo next after that song, which is heavy dubstep. this is mostly just a nit pick but is still something i would like to point out.


my ideas to fix these issues start with the first complaint. being able to choose what genres you want to listen to in the DJ would go a long way, or maybe asking which artists you would prefer to hear. cause most days i would only want to listen to EDM genres and i will get pop punk, punk, kpop and metal all back to back (even when i only listen to those genres on occasion)


the second fix i would put forward is having the DJ continuously choose songs instead of having a set list and nothing more. it seems like that sort of technology is already in spotify since it is in things like enhanced playlists and also recommended songs for playlists.


lastly the fix for having the DJ start from the beginning should be addressed. if only one thing is taken from all of this, that should be the first priority."

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Just wanted to hop in here and say I love the DJ feature but concur that the sampling tends to loop a lot. As a user, I expect to receive a different set each time I click the DJ button. Love this feature though! Great work Spotify.

I have been waiting for the DJ feature to become public since a beta tester posted a snippet of how it worked on tik tok months ago. My one complaint is that most of the song recommendations it gives me are already on one of my playlists! Kinda disappointing but I agree with OP that they should change up the recommendations and not have a set list to play from


Spotify DJ?  Nope.


1. The accent is annoying.  Cool guy from NY (?) doesn't suit me at all.

2. The music selection: meh.  Like the Made For selections MUCH better

3. Stop talking!  I paid extra for no commercials, I really don't want to listen to AI yammer PR stuff at me.


Over all, hard no.

About the changing songs then going back to the DJ, have you tried "adding to queue" instead of just playing the other track then going back? That way the song gets added into the current queue created by the DJ instead of leaving it for the other track then starting it up again.


Edit: I think the next track after playing the added to queue track was correct, but then it went back to playing the same metal tracks it played earlier when I started listening to the DJ, so maybe this isn't a solution. The DJ seems to be a work in progress atm, and pretty disappointing since I seem to prefer other generated playlists or just playing from my likes.

One issue with the DJ is the constant playing of tracks from my liked list. I don't want to hear the tracks I've already liked, or I'd just listen to that playlist or one of the many others I've created that include my likes. It also keeps switching to metal screamo tracks I'd expect to hear on the radio. I don't like metal. Some dubstep or DnB may have metal elements, but that's an exception, not even close to the rule.

I enjoy using spotify DJ, it does a reasonably good job finding new songs I like while digging up old favorites of mine. What would take it to the next level is more insightful commentary. Most of the time, it just says something like "Up next, one of your favorites, X, then we'll finish it up with Y" or "Here is X for your summer vibe". Maybe include an interesting fact about the album or song, or something more relevant to my day? Also, it seems people have different preferences on how much new vs old music they want. Maybe a slider to adjust randomness would help. I think it's still in Beta...and I see a lot of potential but it's not quite a killer feature yet. Looking forward to future development.

I had an issue with the DJ, it seems to play the exact same set of song groups if you are playing it on different devices.
Yesterday I went for a bike ride, listening on my Phone it had some woodkid, next group was queens of stone age and other rock and then next group was 90's hits. 
Today I was listening on my PC and got the same groups and even the same songs!!! Quite annoying.

Cool feature otherwise, it would be cool to have the days weather mentioned, or have it customizeable? I.e. do you care about world news/local news/ weather. Whatever checked the DJ will mention the headlines



The idea is pretty good but I wish there was more interaction with it. Could be a simple of a like and dislike button to provide a direct feedback to the dj, also an options to removed a song complete from the the DJ recommendation in order to not get it again, I encounter some song that I dislike. One thing I dislike about the DJ is that it will recognize that you tend to like a certain artist, and proceed to play only songs about that artist in a row, I rarely like playing consequently songs of any artists.

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