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Downloaded Songs not playing


Downloaded Songs not playing

IOS version


When i play songs that are downloaded on my iphone xs, it will no longer play them. If i take them out of my downloads and stream them over wifi or over cellualr then the songs will play.


I have deleted the app and logged back in with no success.


this is incredibly frustrating

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I'm having the same problem, but I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. I've even done a factory reset and now I have a couple more issues 🙄 My "downloaded" music, which I've set to go to the SD storage, is constantly downloading and re-downloading, and then making what I assumed was my playlists, but it's just multiple folders with the titles of my playlists but no music... Then when I'm listening to my playlists, every so often songs will replay themselves anywhere from 2 to 4 x, and I didn't even touch it... Then there's the syncing issues... I have a couple different devices, and they all have different playlists and songs on them... It's weird, I know... but it only happens with Spotify and Google One... Fo figure... 

If there's any info about how to adjust this.... But told in the simplest way  possible please.  

I was just told to do a clean reinstall and try again in offline mode. Thats all i got

Most of the songs on my playlists won't download so I can't play them offline. Judging from other threads this app has many problems and I haven't found any sort of customer service or tech help. Spotify just directs you to the community thinking that other users will be able to figure out all the tech issues. If I can't get any tech help from Spotify I will write an honest but bad review, cancell my subscription and recomment to everyone that they find a different music app.


To get to chat you have to login to the site. Then go through the support hoops until an option to contact someone through chat appears. Re-installing didn't work. Trying just cellular data or just wifi didn't work. Using a test login worked so that meant it had to do with my account. Low and behold when I logged back into my account I was able to download songs. If you're having problems with the app you might just have to log out and then log back in, again.

Having the same issue here.. majority of my downloaded sounds refuse to play, even despite being connected to the internet (both WiFi and data)

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