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Got Survey pop-up on mobile app, but accidently swiped off it


Got Survey pop-up on mobile app, but accidently swiped off it

When I went on the spotify app on mobile, I got a survey pop-up just a few minutes ago that I intended on completing but I accidently swiped off it.

Is there any link for it or any way to get it back? I want to help improve the service in any way I can.

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I wouldn't bother. It asked me why I stopped listening to a playlist I 'used to listen to a lot' which I promise you I have never ever listened to. It was Viva Latino, but I actively dislike Latin music and frankly don't particularly like playlists either. I tend to listen to albums straight through, and I'm about to quit Spotify because it keeps shuffling them no matter how many times I turn it off.

Alright, fair enough. And yeah it goes get really annoying sometimes and I either have to stay on older versions or use things like spicetify to make some aspects of it bareable.. 

I had that exact same survey and have never listened to it either. I was worried my account had been compromised. Especially as since the layout changed I'm getting loads of artists and playlists that I don't know/don't listen to. 

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