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How do I remove the stupid "ROAD" "Let's go" button?


How do I remove the stupid "ROAD" "Let's go" button?

Hello folks. I have this confusing issue I can't seem to find any info on:


How do I remove the stupid "ROAD" "Let's go" button? For some reason, I can't find anything about this either on Google or on Spotify support pages. Nobody in the whole world seem to be having this issue only me. Am I singled out? As soon as my device connects to the Bluetooth I am immediately prevented from enjoying my music with a big, ugly, stupid NAG button that does absolutely nothing, but I have to press it? It says "Let's go", as if without it, I would just be stuck in parking and won't be able to go anywhere.

Why? Why me? Am I in some stupid test group? I don't want to be the test mice. I don't like the feature, in fact, I absolutely hate it. I am paying for this app, why am I mistreated so badly? How do I remove this stupidity? Screenshot attached. Please, advise.


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Hey @Alexian, thanks for your post! While I haven't seen this exact pop-up, based on the terminology, it sounds like it may be a variation on Spotify's car features. I would try going into your settings and disabling any of the car related features you don't want, and this will hopefully make that message stop showing up for you when you connect to bluetooth devices.


Spotify Car Settings on AndroidSpotify Car Settings on Android

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