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How to Organize “Likes”?


How to Organize “Likes”?

Greetings!  I have A question or An idea for improvement…


QUESTION — Does anybody know how to easily organize all of your LIKES as categories?


 BACKGROUND — I’ve used Spotify for years, and I have thousands of custom playlists. I use Spotify APPs on iPhone and Windows computer, and I’m wondering the best way to do this:


 I have an untapped resource which if I could organize it, would take all my “liked” songs and organize them into categories.  How could you do this?  


For example, right now I have 5118 likes songs, but when play my liked songs, I hear randomly hard rock intermixed with classical and show tunes. All types of music.  So I’d like to simply go through my liked list and categorize them by soft, hard, sleep, psycho music, classical, etc.


I haven’t figured out a simple way to do this yet, but it sure would be nice to create a playlist of all classical songs in my liked list.  Or liked sleep music. Has anyone found an easy way to create categories from liked music?

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I'm not sure if this feature is exclusive to premium members, or iPhone users but I know I get the category option to select the type of genre for my liked songs, although I did notice it doesn't have all the categories I would like. I think having it for desktop would be ideal too, I know for sure that option isn't available yet. 

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