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[Idea] Community-Driven Lyrics


[Idea] Community-Driven Lyrics

Hey there, my fellow music enthusiasts! 


It seems as if Spotify suggestions are closed at the moment so I decided to share mine here and see what kind of reception I get. Based on the subject, you probably have a good idea of where this is headed, and I doubt I'm the first person to suggest it, however, there don't seem to be any similar posts, so here we go:


1. I understand that Spotify is currently partnered with MusixMatch for lyrics.

2. I'm sure that many of us agree that MusixMatch can be… less than competent at times. 

3. There are many people that would gladly transcribe the song lyrics themselves.


It would be nice if had a separate lyrics subforum that had an archive of songs and their lyrics, which also happened to link to Spotify directly. There could also be some type point/badge system to reward those who transcribe lyrics, but one isn’t required. 


  • From the desktop app, you could click a button to either:
    • Open the Spotify Community lyric webpage for that song
    • Show Lyrics (retrieved from Spotify Community instead of being “provided by MusixMatch”)


  • From the mobile app, you could press a button to:
    • Show Lyrics (retrieved from Spotify Community instead of being “provided by MusixMatch”)
      • The bottom of the lyrics screen could display a tiny, gray, underlined link to the Spotify Community lyrics webpage


Shoutout to the suggestion I saw about having an extended profile and earning points for listening to Spotify more!


What are your thoughts?

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