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Missing Spotify wrapped Slides


Missing Spotify wrapped Slides

I recived my spotify wrapped but I seem to be missing some slides that others recived. I have the basics like Top artist and Top songs but I didn’t recive slides such as “Seize the Day” and Audio Day. Do I just not get these?

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I'm having the same problem 😞 i have to go to the search page and click on the 2022 Spotify wrapped and i still don't get the highlights slideshow my friends got

Also missing mine. 👎

Exact same here, everyone got 11 slides I only got 10 and it’s missing the one you said 😕

Im having the same problem too

does anyone know a solution?

I only have 8 of the 12 slides. I’m missing all the fun ones 😭

Only 8 slides here too. Only tells my my top artists, which I already knew...

I don't think it's a premium-related thing, it wouldn't make sense to show premium accounts less.

Is it just a case that these are being worked on still?


same for me! I only had 10 slides.  I don't have the one with the different vibes for morning, afternoon and night. 

Same! So many slides missing e.g. the whole My Listening Personality 😞 I have Premium via our family subscription. Does anyone know why this is?

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