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My Discover Weekly is Suddenly Garbage


My Discover Weekly is Suddenly Garbage


Not sure why this playlist is my Discover Weekly this week. It's always been a neat feature that gives me some new music based on what I listen to for years.


Last Monday, instead of that, I got 30 mumble rap / lil this / lil that / etc. songs that I can honestly say is my least favorite type of music. I was like, "Am I being trolled?" I checked my history to see if somehow my account had played a bunch of songs like that the week prior, and there wasn't one song like it.


To be fair, my own playlists are pretty diverse, and I do have a few songs that would be considered similar in some hip hop PLs, but those are 95% 90s gangster rap. My playlist as a whole is mostly (trve) metal, EDM, IDM, grunge, and alternative.


I've changed my password just to be sure, and I guess I'm worried what I'm gonna get this Monday. I'd honestly rather have 2 hours of fart noises than this playlist.

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Seriously? Is there any way to fix this???


For reference, this is my "Liked Songs":


Help. I've ignored the dumb UI changes lately because I've invested years curating my Spotify playlists, but this is a deal breaker if I can't fix it.

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