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Personalized Playlist Only I Have?


Personalized Playlist Only I Have?

I have this personalized playlist made by Spotify that analyzes what I listen to at what time on what day and makes a playlist for me according to that data. For instance, it would say something like "Since you listen to feel good indie in the evenings on Wednesday, try listening to chill indie," etc for morning, afternoon, and evening each day. I absolutely love this playlist!!!!!


But the thing is, I'm the only I know of who has it. I have described and shown this playlist to many of my friends, most of which have been loooong time Spotify users. None of them have it. Because the title of the playlist changes a few times a day, according to my listening history, it is impossible for me to search for any information. Try Googling "Personalized Daily Playlist Spotify" gets a bit messy.


Basically I was wondering if anyone else has this feature, what it's called, and how to access it. I think it popped up on a banner a month or so ago, but I can't even find it in my "Made For You" section of music. Thanks yall!!


(the playlist artwork is a circle that symbolizes the sun and moves throughout the day)

1 Reply

Ive had this exact same thing! It was there for weeks and I found it in my "made for you" section but it's not there anymore:( I even have a screenshot of one of the playlists so I know it exists! 

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