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Predictive playlists


Predictive playlists

I think Spotify should allow users to add a handful of songs to a playlist and then be able to create a blend with more songs added by Spotify based off of the songs selected to complete the playlist.

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Hi Morgan

I hope i'm correctly understanding what you're looking for but I believe spotify has a two features similar to this.


Enhance Playlists

Enhancing playlists adds similar songs seamlessly to your playlist. In my experience the song recommendation are reasonably good. Here is a picture  of a 'enhanced' playlist (button to enhance is next to play button) - 



Alternatively you can also add recommended songs, that are automatically suggested by spotify based on your listening activity and song in the album. The recommended songs can be found below the songs already in your playlist and are very quick and easy to add. Hope this helped 🙂



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