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Public Collaborative playlist feature?


Public Collaborative playlist feature?

I think there should be a way to publish collaborative playlists. Yes I know collaborative playlists are privatized to prevent other users from trolling and vandalizing the playlists. However, a displayed public collaborative playlist feature could be implemented by having the public ONLY able to view authors/collaborators and tracks, also like and follow the playlist. Restricting public users from editing titles, covers, and descriptions, as well as, moving, adding, removing tracks from the playlist. While still having added friends and authors still being able to contribute to the playlist while public. Personally this would improve the social experience of Spotify. ❤️

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You can already make collaborative playlists public.


This is a good idea for protecting them, though. You should post it in the idea section, in the community. There might even be a posted idea that's the same as yours that you could vote for.

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