Remove Audiobooks

Remove Audiobooks

I made the mistake of clicking on an audiobook and now when I open my spotify desktop app "audiobooks you may be interested in" take up a 1/3 of my page.  Does anyone know how to get rid of this, or even better exclude audiobooks altogether?  

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Trying to figure this out too. Very annoying. We need to have the option to hide audiobooks completely. Been paying for premium for years and I don't need audiobooks that require a separate charge shoved down my throat every time I open the app.

Amen, Spotify devs... If you aren't going to give us lossless or spatial audio can you at least not try to sell me books when I'm already paying you, **bleep** just let me turn the books off.  I've been a happy customer for years and would like to stay one.  

Agreed! Not only are users forced to leave the app to buy the book before coming back to play it, but it takes up a bunch of space on the dashboard.

Simple solution is to have Settings > Display toggle to hide Audiobooks (then add the same for Podcasts).

Facing the same issue here. Clicked on one Audio book out of curiosity and it is now the first thing I see everyday in the web and desktop apps. I have no plan to listen this audio book. We definitely need some way to disable audio books entirely or at least remove a book from the view. And mirroring CliffyPop's comment would be great to do the same for podcasts.

I'm here to also agree with these comments. Extremely annoying having to see the same audiobook I accidentally clicked on every single time I log into Spotify. 

Welcome to the new world where sellers use your purchases to further advertise to you. Spotify is no different. The interface on my premium favors what Spotify wants rather than what I want. I will NEVER use the podcasts, shows, audiobooks they push in my face. Lord audiobooks. NEVER! I hate audiobooks with a passion. Slooooow slow slow way to get through a book. I've been reading for decades man. No way in **bleep** I need someone to read to me. Jesus.

Completely wasted bar on desktop. I subscribe for music. 

This! Clicked on one audiobook to check it out and now there's one audiobook in "Audio Books You may be Interested In" taking up the majority of my Home view. Maybe just let us either turn that section off or move that section lower down on the page. Thanks!

This is seriously obnoxious. Especially with Spotify's "erotic" section of audiobooks. I made the mistake with fat fingers of accidentally clicking on this garbage and now all I see on my homepage is a bunch of recommended erotic audiobooks. And disabling explicit content in the settings doesn't even remove it! 



I subscribe to spotify to listen to music only. Everytine I enter my iPhone app I have to scroll past both podcasts and audio books to get to the music bit of my homeoage.


All I need is a simple section in the settings that allows me to choose which sections of Spotify are for me. Such a simple implementation, wouldn’t take a decent developer more than a couple of hours to implement.

I contacted customer service and this is their reply! Nothing will get done...

"We currently don't have info to share about this, but we'll make sure to let the right team know your feedback."

Agreed. Give us an option to disable the audiobook we are not interested. If Spotify continue to push annoying marketing in our face even when we pay we’ll have to go Apple Music. 

I hate this feature. Spotify keeps on f*cking us over with these non disableable things

I have the same issue with the "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening" section.  Users should have the ability to clear or delete the "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening" section that is at the top of the desktop and mobile app (or the Audio Books sections, etc.). There are podcasts that I only listened to a few times that I don't follow that keep showing up there. I don't want items that I don't like or follow appearing in this section. Seems like a total waste of real estate to fill it with things I don't want to listen to.

Bump on this. As a music app, Spotify is the business but PLEASE allow users the ability to simply toggle displaying Podcasts and now freakin' Audiobooks. Let us just have the ability to use the service for music and music only and not have the UI clutted up with stuff people will never listen to. An audiobook is an upsell that I will literally NEVER EVER purchase. Just like  *ahem* a certain podcast, you click just once, and like a nasty stain, it never disappears from my home page. You guys rock btw, but please be cool and allow users the ability to hide this stuff pretty please!

I can't believe that there's not a way to hide Audiobooks and Podcasts - It takes up half my Home page.


Please listen to you customers and base user interface design on what users want rather than ways to drive revenue.

Seriously, no one on the user experience team could advocate for the user here??? Disappointing that the product managers and UX team doesn't give us the option to hide audiobook,s and podcasts for that matter. If I wanted to constantly be sold to I would have chosen the competition. For that reason alone I may be taking the family off of Spotify soon. PUT THIS IN THE BACKLOG NOW, PRODUCT TEAM! #uxfail

I also came here to say… get the audiobooks off my homepage! I have not once in my 33 years EVER listened to an audiobook and I never ever ever will. I purchased  premium subscription to listen to music but you keep changing my home screen to useless photos of books and podcasts that I will never click on. Why do I pay to see photos of things I am not interested in? I can barely find any music since you guys changed the home screen to giant photos (1 photo per screen on my iPhone) but now my homepage is literally just audiobook and podcast suggestions. I am a musician, save me from this music-less **bleep** you created 

If you're willing to use third party solutions, you can install spicetify and use custom css to get rid of the section. There's plenty of tutorials on how to do it, but the basic gist is following this: and then adding a snippet in the new marketplace button.


Here's the css snippet if you plan on fixing it this way:

section.main-shelf-shelf[aria-label='Audiobooks you may be interested in'] { visibility: hidden; position: absolute; }

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