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Spotify Duo account... intrupting


Spotify Duo account... intrupting

Hello Everyone 


I have a duo account with my wife and for some reason if we are both using Spotify on Bluetooth devices or alexa device one will override the other


For example I am listening to Spotify on my wireless earphones my wife at home  asks alexa to trun on music through Spotify and my music will cut out ans I will be played whatever isnon alexa at home. if I stop it and revert to my music it is replicated on the alexa device?

any help is much appreciated 



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Hi @43Scartman


It sounds like you're experiencing a limitation with how Alexa connects to Spotify. At the moment, Alexa devices can only connect one Spotify account to all of your Alexa devices. This will result in Alexa being able to use only the Spotify account connected to it, which sounds like yours.

Currently, the only way to get around this would be to connect your wife's account to your Alexa devices instead. This means you could use your account separately and Spotify Connect would not override your listening activity. However, if she was listening to Spotify elsewhere and you asked Alexa to play Spotify, it would take over her account instead.






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I have a similar issue. My wife and I are at the gym together. Whoever signs in first overirdes the musical choice of the other. We both must listen to the same music???

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