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The basics of a music player shouldn’t be touched


The basics of a music player shouldn’t be touched

Ok, I get it. Spotify is heading in a direction where they’re now pushing towards heavily relying on sponsorships and advertisements to run their app. That’s already a shady move, but when you change the basic functionality of an music player, like the shuffle button also being something it’s not supposed to be, that’s where you cross the line between saying you’re trying to make the experience better and actually forcing these ads into our faces.


The enhance button was nice because you aren’t forced to use it. It was there if you actually wanted to “breathe more life into your playlists”. According to their announcement post, they added smart shuffle because people stopped listening to their own playlists after a couple months. But that data makes sense because people don’t want to hear the same songs all day, every single day. That’s not a hard concept to understand. What Spotify did was make a solution to a problem that didn’t exist, again, and there were zero complaints with the Enhance button being where it was and doing what it did. I actually used the enhance feature fairly often when I felt like I wanted to find new songs while still listening to my own playlists. Aside from it being a bad replacement, it’s also made the app even more buggy than it already is. The app will freeze and crash when I’m just trying to turn off shuffle entirely and it won’t even show any new songs when it’s turned on every time I’ve tried to use it. It’s an unnecessary change, and a half baked one too.


Everything released in the Stream On event has just hurt the user experience for me and thousands of others (Just look through community posts here and everywhere talking about poor these changes are). I’m yet to see how this is helping anyone find new music. Matter of fact, I’d say there’s too many methods of discovery on the app now, and it makes it worse that they’re all shoved in our face. Nobody is having an issue discovering new music since there’s an abundance of features and 3rd party tools to help with this. So I’m not buying that this Smart Shuffle is made for discovery or putting “fresh” songs in my playlist so I will listen to it again.

Even one of your own Spotify Stars made the same points I’m rephrasing here. You know you messed up when Matt Suda even says it’s bad.


Please make the shuffle button only shuffle like the name “shuffle” implies and put enhance back where it belongs. I stopped using Spotify to find new music some time ago, but now I'm going to stop using because it just sucks at playing music in general.

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Woof hello there!

I want a master tune slider lol

Don't leave me howling at the moon, give me updates!


-Prague the Dog

PragueSpotify Star
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