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Spotify’s ‘time to play fair’


Spotify’s ‘time to play fair’

In my opinion, I just feel like Spotify’s ‘time to play fair’ campaign is really confusing and no I’m not saying this just because I’m an Apple user because I understand Spotify is trying to defend their business but they’re just doing too much at this point and the fact that this is still going on since 2007 or 2008 (I’m not sure) is not making any sense at all.


This campaign could’ve been over by now but it just keeps getting more serious every year, like yes whatever Apple is doing isn’t fair but Spotify isn’t playing fair either. They literally pay Artists a very low rate and apparently they remove features from their platform to ‘improve customer experience’ like how is that gonna improve anything?

Lastly, linking to what they said about ‘You can’t upgrade to premium in the app’, it’s seriously not that deep like if you can’t upgrade to premium in the app, just go on Spotify’s website and just upgrade to premium from there. It’s simple as that.

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