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Taste Profile Dashboard


Taste Profile Dashboard

Users have complex, constantly evolving tastes in music. Taste changes depending on numerous factors, and when given access to a platform and algorithm like Spotify, we tend to gain eclectic tastes. Snapshots of our listening at different times of the day, week in review, month, year, etc., show us how our listening habits have changed and would give incredible insight into our emotions at those times. At the same time, recommendation algorithms make many decisions for us on the platform. The amount of user data that Spotify has on me is a gold mine. I want access to it and maximize the insight I can gain from it without developing a third-party application that connects to the API. I also don't want a simple CSV. I want to have tastefully designed dashboards that help me visualize my listening habits and become more intentional in managing my music library. Unfortunately, there are many obvious reasons this isn't coming to fruition. Advertised content on the platform wouldn't succeed. Users would become so informed that Spotify ads would have to turn into even more powerful behavior-changing tools to combat the information a user has at a high level of all their listening habits in the same way that an employee at Spotify does. I think the playing field needs to become level. Users need the same kind of insight into their data that employees at Spotify do. Meta trends in user listening habits need to be available in-app so people can quickly query the most popular music in their musical niche and identify what traits make up music they enjoy the most to discover music more effectively. I don't just want a Discover Weekly playlist or "Gold School". I want a data querying tool to help me analyze and visualize music on Spotify. I want god mode on my music. However you all can go about it, please do it. This is the innovation Spotify needs. Music is good for the world. This will help people discover more of what they love. Also, this needs to be said wherever it can. Pay the artists more and create a more equitable platform that doesn't just siphon profits for investor returns. 

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